About Us

Direct Drilling, Inc. has more than 50 years combined experience between management and field crews to meet the demanding market of underground utilities.


We have the technology and equipment that helps keep us on the cutting edge of the horizontal directional drilling industry.  We are able to complete anything from water service for a home owner, a 30 mile fiber network to a 2000 foot pipeline bore.  We are licensed in Oregon, Washington, Utah, Wyoming, Texas, Montana, and Idaho.

Our specialty is boring through difficult, rocky, and solid rock conditions.  We take pride in being ‘called-in’ to complete bores that others have tried and failed.  We have incorporated All-Terrain drills into our equipment line-up that use a mechanical inner-rod technology to rotate a rock bit.  This has enabled us to bore with lower costs and faster than traditional hydraulically rotated rock bits that use large amounts of drilling fluid and require fluid reclaimers.  Projects that use less equipment and drilling fluid on the job are not only less expensive, but more environmentally friendly and that is exactly what our customers require.

Our team also takes pride in the successful completion of every project.  It is important to us to not only meet, but to exceed our customer’s expectations.  Direct Drilling, Inc. understands the importance of our customer’s needs.  We strive to be competitive through efficiency and low overhead costs.  All while maintaining a safe workplace through up-to-date safety devices on our drills to Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).

Direct Drilling, Inc. always offers their customer’s unsurpassed expertise drilling difficult terrain, exceptional project management, and lower project costs.  All while maintaining low environmental disruption and a healthy work environment.  We form long lasting and trusting partnerships with our customers. This makes Direct Drilling, Inc. the preferred choice when selecting a drilling contractor.